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Rocada ‘Skin’ Whiteboards

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A multifunctional panel to build your wall.
Modular whiteboard that can grow and work in your environment.
Very easy and simple to build.
3 easy steps, just a few minutes to complete the installation

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The SkinWHITEBOARD is a multifunctional panel and modular
whiteboard which, thanks to its modern, frameless design, and magnetic
securing, can be placed either vertically or horizontally. this enables
greater flexibility on size and layout, from a single unit up to covering
a whole wall, you can modify as needed.

• Surface made of 1 mm thick sheet steel
• Pen tray made of 1 mm thick sheet steel
• Frameless
• Magnets for wall fixing – patented system
• Cardboard Installation template (to facilitate the installation process)
GS certification: GS German certification is world recognized as one of
the best in Europe, a guarantee of safety, quality and product production
continuity giving the user maximum security and peace of mind when